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Why Local Search Force?


Over 30,000 Clients Helped

Our mothership re-branded its Search Engine Marketing Division into Local Search Force in 2017 so a laser focus would be given to the ever growing needs of small businesses’ addressing their internet marketing, focusing directly on search engine marketing and online lead generation.

With over 30,000 businesses receiving our help, we have consistently brought our solutions to help businesses of all sizes expand. Search engine marketing and advertising basics for the big boys and small fries are remarkably similar.

The Men Behind the Curtain

We’ve serviced and fulfilled hundreds of web development orders sold by other internet marketing and web design companies. When the project is too big or too technical, we get the call.

 We Own the Secret Formula

Over a 2 year period, we tested 240 different recommendations by published experts. Most did not work at all. We took those that did work and turned them into our proprietary secret formula and have added to it. We don’t offer any services to our customers that have not passed our trial and error laboratory testing.

Results Achieved!

Within 12 months of coming on board with Local Search Force, 100% of our fully serviced search engine marketing clients increase their relevant Google Page 1 rankings, 100% get leads from the internet, and for those we have “before stats”, we double (or better) their web traffic.

Our job is to discover the prospects. Your job is to turn those prospects into money.

Experience Counts in Business

Local Search Force is the online marketing arm of a group of businesses that provide expert technical help to consumers.

One company provides computer programming, content writing, hiring solutions, and runs a County-wide Events platform. Another firm own a design studio hosting podcasts, shooting commercials, providing green screens for photography and videographers, etc. One company has a product used by European doctors servicing 100,000+ consumers. One company hosts the Midwest Baseball Championships with 30,000 annual attendees. Our firm, County Advisory Board, is the leading source for “good news” on the internet.

Why is this important to you? All the experiences used to market these companies and their products are available to LSF to use with its customers.

Grey Beards Are In the House

We began operations in 1992 and developed our first website in 1995, long before Google, Facebook, and Linked-In commenced. We have learned a thing or two about internet marketing.

In fact, the President of our firm is a published author on the subject of online marketing.

Stability in Marketing 

If stability and consistency in your marketing, advertising, and public relations, please note that we have made weekly payrolls, answered customer service calls live, and maintained friendly relationships with the public for 30 years.

Prime Time Experience

The cool dudes on our technical team have now done web work for Fortune 100 companies, famous celebrities, record labels, major media companies, professional sports organizations, and award winning musical artists.

We Offer Client Acquisition Funnels

Need new customers now? You can register today, start your campaign, and we’ll get your campaign running fast.

All Products are Guaranteed!

All of our products and services are guaranteed! In simple terms, we’ll continue working on our clients’ projects until we get the proverbial “Two Thumbs Up”!

On-time Delivery Provided
Business owners that need prediction in marketing need not look any further, as Local Search Force will give you an exact time-line of what will be delivered and when, and we always hit our targets even if burning the midnight oil is necessary.


With business owners often confused, we’re happy to educate, answer questions, and brainstorm with our clients. Our Preferred Clients receive unlimited consulting.

Where the buck stops

We’ll answer questions, evaluate ours and our competitors’ web work, and give advice to our clients to the best of our ability, even when it’s news they really would rather avoid.

We do really good work for our clients, but are far from perfect. We do, however, promise our clients they will always get our candor.

Our Wish For You

The goal of Local Search Force is to help businesses connect to people needing, wanting and looking for their services.

We want to help you show up in online searches which ideally will lead to  prospective customers finding and calling you.



Ready to Expand?

We can help you GET FOUND on the internet!